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Founded in the eve of the independence of Mauritania, the ASML Group was started as a trading company aimed at providing imported goods to the new country. It evolved into several specialized and diversified companies in the late 1970's with the same vision of Mauritanian self sufficiency and openness to the world.

Ciment de Mauritanie, to date the leader in cement production was instrumental in developing the construction industry in Mauritania by providing quality cement milled in Mauritania. With the developments in the mining and extractive industries in the 2000s, the ASML Group has been a uniquely positioned group of companies to serve. Through its unique Engineering Management expertise and applicable QHSE standards, the companies became national and regional innovator with a track record of success.

The ASML group is active with many international extraction industry operators and on important specialized projects including industrial construction, drilling for metals (RC and DC), port operations (lifting, handling...), inland transport and other critical activities.
The Group's success, growing out of the strong results of its subsidiaries in their respective sectors, is the result of applying these values, and the best testament to that success is undoubtedly the ISO 9002:2000 quality certification that the Group's Ciment de Mauritanie subsidiary has received from the Paris office of BVQI (Véritas), the first such certification awarded to a Mauritanian company.

Chairman and Executive Officer
Ahmed Saleck Mohamed Lemine

This entails an ethical contract which is reflected in the active involvement of all the employees of ASML GROUP. It is designed to constantly strive to create values for the company and its personnel, its customers, its social environment; it encourages individual and collective responsibility, rigour and quality as well as compliance with safety needs and the environment.

Is reflected in ASML GROUP in the determination of every individual to share and promote solidarity, to get the best out of our skills and know-how in a spirit of mutual confidence, and to enhance our ability to listen to others while complementing the work of every individual.

The spirit of enterprise imbues everyone working in ASML GROUP. Our personnel are constantly striving to improve performance by anticipating changes and encouraging innovation at all levels.

A value which is applied on a day-to-day basis by all the companies in the ASML GROUP. It is reflected in the determination that drives each of the players, internally and externally, to practice the principles of equity, integrity, loyalty, credibility and recognition of merit.

SML GROUP is keen to optimise its major financial balances in order to create added value. The group invests, takes risks and develops winning partnerships with world leaders. In this way, it contributes to boosting the national economy.

the group's employees are at the heart of the enterprise project: literacy, continuous training, in-house training, participatory management and a commitment to live up to responsibilities are all facets designed to fully exploit the contribution of each employee.